House Extensions in Watford

Extending your home is a considerable undertaking so engaging the right builder is extremely important if you want to ensure your ideas are implemented to your complete satisfaction and on budget.

MRS Construction have been successfully constructing home extensions for over 20 years in and around Watford and Bushey Heath. Their vast experience and knowledge is available to you if you are considering extending your home, simply call us on 0208 950 8468 or fill in our contact form to book a no obligation call back.

There are many different types of Extensions and many options available to choose from. Our company has fully qualified specialists in all the fields necessary to complete your new house extension, from initial design to build.

We sometimes find that there is more space available to extend to the side of an end terraced property than thought and this can allow a side return extension or single storey extension. You may well feel you wish to extend but do not know what your options are, in these cases we will provide the free advice you need to make the decisions that are right for your particular property.

If you require a house extension in Watford comprising of an extension to the ground floor to provide an extra bedroom or a kitchen Extension, we can provide you with a report on work to be done and a full price breakdown at the meeting prior to work starting and will keep you updated with progress reports all along the way.

Design & Timing

  • Initial Meeting at your home
  • Quotation prepared and sent usually within a week.
  • After receiving your instructions and deposit, we commission a detailed survey undertaken by our surveyor.
  • Production of plans, specifications and drawings.
  • Planning applications sent to the Local Authority.
  • On acceptance of planning consent, a date will be agreed to start the building work.
  • We always expect to build your house extension in less than 12 weeks.

Types of House Extensions

  • Single storey House Extensions

    A single storey House Extension to the rear of a property gives huge potential to change the very way you live in your house however it will need a large amount of land to make it worthwhile as it will be all on one floor. A Single storey house extension can open your kitchen up into your back garden and create a bright, open-plan area that can be used as a kitchen, dining room, living room or all three.†

    A single storey can also be added to the side of the house, add significant value and help you turn your house into an extra room or garage. Single storey extensions have become more popular with people needing more space without the need to move house. MRS Construction will arrange the plans for you, and provide all the expertise through planning applications, the building works, the plumbing, the electrics, the decoration and painting

  • Two storey house extension

    A Two Storey House Extension will provide a very large amount of extra space within a house, to be used as, bedrooms, Dining room, Bathrooms, en-suites, Garages or a combination of all, although the cost of building a two storey house extension can seem high, it will add value to your home and can work out much less than selling and moving to a larger more expensive property.

  • Side Return house extension

    A side return house extension is normally a ground floor extension used to create extra space for extending the kitchen or lounge, or add an extra bathroom or bedroom. It can also be added to a rear extension to create a wrap-around extension providing you the ability to completely re-arrange your living space to suit your needs, many people will then add sliding folding doors to complexly open up the rear of the house to the rear garden or patio area.†

    Some customers know from the start exactly what their building requirements will be; others would like some advice as to what would suit their property the best. Thatís where our many years experience will help, we can advise and provide real life case studies of different Extensions we have built and the problems we faced in each of them and how we were able to address those problems.†At MRS Construction we know that everyone has a different budget to work within and we are flexible enough to advise and make recommendations that fit within those budgets providing a standard finish, however some of our customers require luxury items such as granite worktops, high end range cookers, solid wooden flooring. And under-floor heating, to mention just a few, these luxury finishes can increase the overall building cost substantially, so once again we will advise on the cost for each and talk through the benefits to you the customer.